'Freely you have received, freely give'


Back to School

Every year parents in some of the poorest communities in Jamaica are faced with challenge of finding funds to purchase uniforms, shoes, books and all the other essentials educational material their children need to return to school.

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The King James Bible

HHMAP is committed to the spreading of the word of God- with its life transforming power. With the financial help of two supporters we have distributed approximately three thousand copies of the Bible in Kenya and Jamaica.

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Our Mission

HHMAP is operated by individuals who are passionate about the commission of Jesus Christ - He said, 'Freely you have received freely give'. We provide water in villages suffering drought, educational assistance, funds to buy medication, and goats for projects to promote self sustainability.

We thank God for the kindness to the men, women and children who are recipients of your gifts and prayers.

chichken project

Chicken Project

HHMAP assist families to raise chickens in order to help them out of poverty.

Kenyan Family

Kenyan Family

This lady is a single mother with seven children, she was given a goat, it has multiplied and she now has four goats.


Kenya School

Students from Nairobi.

St Anns

St Ann's, Jamaica

Home built to accomadate a homeless family of seven people in St Ann, Jamaica.